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theEMILYpost live

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Behind the scenesEdit

Matthew Jacob and Emily video tape the scenes then jacob puts them togeather then matthew edits them then the directer names the episode and airs it on television


Matthew emily and jacob are creative fun and can be crazy sometimes but there really just like everyone else they just have there own flaws and personalitys like every one else

How there videos are madeEdit

Jacob will set up cameras around the house emily will turn the cameras off when there done matthew will edit the videos take thinks out and put things in then they show the directer the episode the directer names the episode and the directer airs the episode on television

the EMILYpost pilotEdit

the emily post was originally created a year ago they were going to air the show then but there was a delay so it took a while before any episodes were on television 

episode 1  was about how matthew and jacob stayed the night at emilys house it has already aired on televison

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