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Emily grace Lester

Emily grace Lester is one of the main charecters in theEMILYpost  

about EMILYEdit

Emily is nice and friendly but sometimes can be bossy rude and mean she likes to collect monster high dolls and ever after high dolls she allways is getting a attitude with some one mostly barbra lester her grandmother in the first episode emily yelled at her and then had a tantrum she enjoys bossing people around and controling she enjoys when other people are sad and is all ways trying to get attention she likes shopping and goes shopping alot she lies and trys to get her grandmother to take her to the mall she loves justice she goes there for dolls and clothes she loves skirts and accecerises she tries to copy jacob and be just like him and she all ways is trying to get matthew in trouble

Dailey LIFEEdit

Emily Matthew and Jacob were at there grandmas house and they were board so they started filming with there video cameras then it turned into a huge television series of a family blog that they called theEMILYpost now they are recorded everyday so they are on television now in the united states currently but they will go world wide soon.

EMILY post drawn to lifeEdit

Emily post drawn to life is a television series that is worldwide series that is just like the live series but a little bit different in other states they have different voice actors and mostly about katie frondablock jeanie gold amberella  and timmy and veronica

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